Monday, March 15, 2010

Need Ideas for Your Venture? How About Recycling Soap?

Here is a great example of an entrepreneurial start up that an individual developed. Although this is a stand alone nonprofit, tourism-focused nonprofits could have (or maybe still can) developed this type of program and partnership with local accomodations. Here is some info from a recent article:

Children in earthquake-devastated Haiti may already be washing their hands with Mickey Mouse soap from a Walt Disney World hotel.

The giant Disney resort recently signed on with Clean the World Foundation Inc., a year-old nonprofit group that hopes to improve hygiene in impoverished parts of the world by recycling soap and shampoo from tens of thousands of local and out-of-state hotel rooms.

The nonprofit group collects the used toiletries, which hotels previously tossed in the trash, sanitizes them and then redistributes them to people in need around the world. Read more here.

Look at your organization. What opportunities do you have, or can you create with your partners or supporters? Have your own ideas? Share them here.

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